SIKABIT® T 130 PG waterproofing membrane used in roofs, underground, bridges & underpass.


Atactic Poly Propylene (APP) modified bitumen-based waterproofing membrane with non-woven polyester felt reinforcement with natural mineral slate finish.

  • Minimum water absorption
  • Easy to install by torching method
  • Long term flexibility


Sikabit® T-245 MG is used as waterproofing/damp proofing membrane for protection of various substrates in a wide range of applications

  • Medium to large roof slabs (domestic, commercial and industrial)
  • Basements and raft slabs, exposed roofs
  • Underground car parks
  • Bridges and underpass


  • Can be handled in warmer temperatures easily
  • Requires solvent / water based primer before laying of membrane
  • Minimum water absorption
  • Easy to install by torching method
  • Overlaps to be provided minimum 80 to 100 mm
  • Long term flexibility
  • Excellent water tightness
  • High tensile strength, tear and puncture resistant
  • Capable of withstanding thermal and structural stresses
  • Highly durable – excellent under long term aging
  • With natural mineral slate finish


  • Black membrane
  • Upper finish: Mineral gray granules
Available Colour
  • Black