Sikagard®-703 W is a ready for use water repellent impregnation

SIKAGARD® 703W | Liquid Repellent Coating

Water repellant liquid impregnation and coating

  • Very strong water repellent capacity
  • Improves façade resistance to the ingress of surface water
  • Treatment is invisible, will not modify substrates and can be over painted
  • Applied to masonry and concrete


  • Making the facades water-repellent
  • Protection of the building materials against surface waters. Sikagard® 703W is applied on substrates made of concrete, mortar, masonry, brick, stone, asbestos-cement etc.


  • Product in aqueous phase with strong water-repellent capacity
  • Improves the façade resistance to the ingress of surface waters
  • Water-repellent effect: While it allows the substrate to breathe, it protects construction materials
  • from raining water
  • Treatment is invisible that does not modify the substrate aspect
  • Improves the resistance to dirt and reduces the bonding of fungi, lichens
  • Does not modify the substrate porosity
  • Can be coated with various paints


20L and 5L



Available Colour
  • White