Sikagard®-700 S is a one part water repellent impregnation for absorbent cementitious substrates

SIKAGARD® 700S | Water Repellent Impregnation

Water repellant impregnation and coating

  • Highly penetrative formulation that delivers a hydrophobic surface layer
  • Enhances substrate durability
  • Will not change substrate appearance
  • Applied to masonry and concrete


Impregnation for mineral substrates such as concrete and plaster surfaces, natural stone, aerated concrete, brick work and blockwork, asbestos cement, some mineral paint coats, Sika®MonoTop mortars, etc. providing resistance against driving rain and dampness. Sikagard® 700S is mainly used to protect building facades and exposed concrete or cementitious mortar surfaces against moisture ingress. Sikagard® 700S is also used as a primer underneath Sikagard® 680S on concrete or cement mortar surfaces in cases of heavy exposure and marine environments.


  • Provides an hydrophobic surface layer which prevents the passage of moisture and hence water borne salts (chlorides) into concrete and thereby enhances durability.
  • Sikagard® 700S penetrates deeply into the substrate, dries tack free and is highly alkaline resistant. It develops a very durable chemical cohesion with silicates in the substrate.
  • It provides a very good impregnation against driving rain; it does not, however, stop diffusion of water vapour. The appearance of the structure is not changed.
  • The ‘freeze/thaw’ resistance is improved, the tendency to contamination reduced.


20L Pail



Available Colour
  • Clear