SIKA® PRIMER MR FAST water based Wood Primer

SIKA® PRIMER MR FAST | Water Based Primer

Water based primer and moisture regulator for timber flooring systems

  • Maximises adhesive performance and reduces consumption
  • Fast cure rate for rapid job completion
  • Suitable for use with subfloor heating systems


Sika® Primer MR Fast is used in conjunction with SikaBond® Wood Floor Adhesives for:

  • Moisture control: For cementitious substrates with moisture content up to 4% CM (~6% Tramex/Gravimetric weight percent)
  • Substrate consolidation:
    On concrete, cement and anhydrite screeds and refurbished substrates
  • Adhesion promotion:
    For broadcast mastic asphalt and on old adhesive residues.


  • Water-based primer
  • Fast touch dry time
  • Easy to apply, low viscous
  • Allows faster completion
  • Reduction of adhesive consumption
  • Suitable for refurbishing existing substrates
  • Suitable for use with subfloor heating
  • Compatible with SikaBond® Systems for wood floors


4.2kg Kit (2.8kg & 1.4kg Plastic Cans)



Available Colour
  • White