Sika® Acoustic Matt is a rubber underlay for timber floors

SIKA® ACOUSTIC MATT | Soundproof Underlay

Rubber based underlay for use with timber flooring systems

  • Reduces airborne and footfall noise
  • Can be walked on during installation
  • For use with SikaBond® T55 (J) adhesive under all different kinds of timber flooring
  • Suited where sound deadening is of high importance to home owner


The Sika® Acoustic Mat is used to bond timber floors in residential, office and industrial buildings.
The system provides a sound dampening effect improving the acoustic insulation of a room.


  • Reduced noise and vibration transmission
  • Low floor zone thickness
  • Remains permanently flexible
  • Thin construction with high performance
  • Simple and easy to install
  • Available in a variety of sheets, sizes, strips or pads; resists ageing and deformation
  • Consistent density and thickness for maximum performance
  • Use of Australian recycled rubbers


3mm x 15m Roll
5mm x 10m Roll



Available Colour
  • Black