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Introducing Sikaflex PRO+

All new solvent free, highly flexible, primer-less sealant and adhesive is the one-stop product for any tradesman and handyman’s home building or renovation.

Sikaflex® Pro+ is a 1-component moisture curing polyurethane elastic sealant and adhesive that is formulated on Sika’s newly engineered i-Cure technology to provide higher performance, more movement capability and improved bubble-free curing.

Sika’s new i-Cure technology is user and eco-friendly with no solvents and low environmental impact and the performance of traditional polyurethane. It is suitable for over painting with traditional paint coatings. The i-Cure® technology has an early initial set and overcomes bubbling in sealant while curing even in extreme conditions.

Sikaflex® Pro+ is a high performance, interior and exterior elastic joint sealant with excellent water, weather and ageing resistance. It has many uses, including; expansion joints in walls and cladding, sealing around doors and window frames, sealing penetrations in walls and floors for pipes, sealing joints in concrete and masonry elements, as a sealant for draught proofing and general sealing and filling applications.

Pro+ may be used on a multitude of applications and common building substrates. It has good adhesion to damp substrates. To name a few, Pro+ can be used on Aluminium, steel, powder coated metals or glazed tiles, concrete, aerated concrete, cement based renders, mortars and bricks.

Application of Sikaflex® PRO+ :

  1. Ensure all surfaces are structurally sound, clean, dry and free from any grease etc. (surface can be damp but not wet. If uncertain then apply masking tape to test adhesion. If masking tape sticks to the surface it’s OK to proceed.) Movement joints must have a minimum width and depth of 5mm.
  2. Apply a bond-breaker tape, or backing rod to base of joint to prevent 3 sided adhesion. To keep work clean, apply masking tape to top edge of joint, on each face.
  3. Cut the nozzle to required width and gun sealant into joint. Avoid voids or air entrapment in joint when applying.
  4. Before sealant has skinned, tool off with an appropriate spatula to give a smooth finish.
  5. Remove masking tape and clean up immediately.

Where to buy

Sikaflex® PRO+ is sold at Bunnings Warehouse, visit your local store and ask for PRO+

Need more information? Visit or call SIKA Australia on 1300 223 348.

For detailed information and application instructions, please refer to Sikaflex® PRO+ product and Safety Data Sheet (SDS).